Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Again & Again

The news of her is still going on and on.. It seems like everyone has a problem with her.. Headache.. Can I stop hearing news and complaints about her?? I truly hope that she will know what is amiss with her and will change to a better and likeable person.. No one on Earth is born to be bad.. Yet people change because of the environment and surrounding.. Although people do change, we change to better not worse...

Today, my beloved, Liza gave me the fan she won during Inia's presentation.. I was so happy because i really need a fan in UM.. the weather is so hot nowadays. Yesterday, I was worried about my pendrive.. I lost it.. Yet Gan helped me to find back.. Thanks Gan..

That's all for today^^

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


When I was happily having my dinner with Mr.Tan, I received a phone call from my mother.. Her voice was sad.. I was wondering what happened to her.. She told me that my cousin sister, Ah Ying has passed away.. I was shocked and my heart was so painful.. How come?? I kept asking this myself.. It was only a month ago I met her.. I still remembered the last time I saw her was during CNY in Peneng.. We were talking and had fun during the whole vacation.. She also bring her bf along in this vacation.. It was just like only yesterday everything happened.. Although we rarely meet, yet when we meet we can chat for whole night.. She was just only 18 years old girl.. She has not enjoyed her life yet.. Even half of her life she has not gone through.. Seriously, I cannot accept this.. 

Death is a process that everyone in this world has to go through.. Death is not scary but the most scary thing is your loved ones will never ever able to see,touch and talk to you anymore.. They may have photo or memory of you.. But how long can these last?? Human needs a concrete touch.. The impact of your death was very very very strong.. The sadness is not merely few days, it may be forever.. Can you imagine if I was so sad about my cousin's death, then how about her mother,father and sister?? Their sadness cannot be imagine and describe..

Death is unpredictable.. Even my cousin sister will not know that she will die today.. Merely just because a faint, she died.. Hence, we have to appreciate the presence of every person beside us especially our family and the dearest one.. We may not know when they will leave and vanish in your life..

According to Buddhism(I do not know is real or not), she or he will never know that she has died in the first 7 days. Hence, she or he will remain the tasks she or he does everyday as usual.. Where will she be now?? Is she happy?? Did she know she has passed away?? My brain was puzzled by these questions.. Anyway, I am very sure that she is now in heaven and God surely will take good care of her.. Because she was very nice and kind..

Seriously, I will miss you Ying.. You are always my cousin.. God, I have a request to you.. Can you please take good care of my cousin?? She was weak and kind..(I think God will)


Sunday, 18 March 2012

OK.. How should I start now?? Erm.. ok.. Finally I am done with the philosophy assignment.. I should be on the bed sleeping and dreaming.. Because of the assignment i have to stay up to burn the midnight oil..Yet I CANNOT close my eyes and SLEEP after the assignment has been done.. For the seek of my health, I forced myself to sleep.. Turning to the right and turning to the left.. Then all of a sudden I thought about the blog that Tien Tien helped me to create last Thursday.. 

Yesterday night, I went to watch "SEAFOOD" with Mr.TAN.. This cartoon movie was quite nice.. At least, I did not fall asleep watching this cartoon.. This was the first time I watched cartoon movie after I have "officially" grown up.. I felt that it is not worth to spend RM 20++ to watch a cartoon.. I preferred ghost movies, humor movies or action stories.. This movie was a cartoon movie.. Hence, it was eventually funny and it showed how strong and capable animals were in order to save their next generation.. I heard my sister said that this movie was a production from Malaysia.. 

Since I am in insomnia now, I think I will continue with my "Things Fall Apart".. I have not finish reading the whole novella yet.. One more day to go.. Then tomorrow is the day for Prose 2 test.. I am nervous.. Haiz.. Another sleepless night T.T

And I want to thanks Mr.TAN to sacrifice his date with his friends just to accompany me to watch movie.. THANKS alot<3 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My first blog

Hi... This is my first blog.. Thanks to Tien Tien to help me to create this for me<3 And thanks.. Gan for being so irritating and noisy beside me like a fly...