Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hello blog.. It has been a long time i did not update you.. Anyway, i am now here to update you with my erm~~~~~well = UNEXPLAINABLE HAPPINESS...

First of all, i wanted to thank to my parents.. I do not care how you behaved to others; whether bad or good and how strict and fierce you were when i was a kindergarten, primary school and secondary school (after that period, my parents were giving me more freedom and permit).. I still love you and i will carry out my responsibility as a daughter... I promised..

Second, i wanted to thank to Mr.Tan (my soul mate, best friend and my another half)... Thank you for loving me... I knew you did a lot for me... You and I were once strangers and we became closer because of "LOVE"... You not only love me but you love my family too... I knew you care me more than many things... The things, food that i want even money.. You are willing to give it all to me within your capability... Thanked again for your abiding trust and  faith.. I love you too and I will not leave you whenever you encounter obstacles and failure... I promised

Third, i wanted to thank my siblings (they are eventually monkeys and pigs)... We were so close together even though we are growing up and slowly, step by step we will have our friends, own world, another half and your own family... Teasing, gossiping, laughing and sharing life experiences are the ways that make our bond remain as strong as a tighten rope that is prepared for a tug-of-war... No matter how others pull we will not break... I love you guys a lot and I will carry out my responsibility as the eldest... No matter what problems you guys encounter i will sure help with all my abilities... I promised

Last, i wanted to thank my aunties... We were so close and we do not have any gap generation that others may have.. We are like friends gossiping, shopping together and sharing... Thanks.. 

Last but not least, i am not whiny but seriously these people meant a lot to me.. None in this world is isolated... We are connected to one another... To  express my gratitude to these people, i do not have other ways except that i live my life to the maximum and be happy always (smiling with the teeth showed, eyes closed and as usual *peace*)