Friday, 7 September 2012

Time... Wait for me..

Well. Two more days to go and I have to go back to UM. Once i think about new semester going to start very very soon. I felt depressed T.T What I can think was ASSIGNMENTS, PROJECTS, TESTS, FINAL and RUSH. Haiz. It is quite sad when these things came across my mind once I thought about the new semester.

Yesterday midnight when I was online, I saw a post from my Form 6 classmate. She was our monitor and mother in our gang. She posted that she is going to marry soon and going to become a mother of a 2 months old baby. I was shocked and to be frank I really cannot accept this. This news was so sudden and came too fast. Well, life is unpredictable. Everything comes fast and sudden. As human, we have to know how to adapt and accept.

So at last, I accepted this and sincerely I wish them happiness forever<3 I love you Pei Ying.