Saturday, 20 October 2012

Before the day ends, I wanted to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to myself... Finally I am 21... I am a legal adult... Well... What i want to say is~ Time flies...

In a blink of eyes, I am 21 now.. I remembered when I was young, I always wanted to grow up as soon as possible because I felt that I can do many things when I grow up.. I can go out late.. I can drive.. I can hang out with my friends.. I can go anyway I want.. But things eventually upside turn.. When I finally reached the age of 21.. I hoped time slows down... I did not want to grow up anymore.. Yet this is an unreachable dream... I just cannot evade the truth that we all are growing older and older as time passes..

I have the revelation that I really need to express millionfolds of thank you to my parents because they brought me to this realistic yet wonderful world.. During that time, they chose to give birth to me instead of aborting me...They had the right to choose whether to stay me or not... They raised me, educated me and gave me everything they could give to me although they faced difficulties.. Because of them, I was able to become a better person, I was able to see this world, I am educated... Thanks ba and ma... Because of both of you, I never have a time to worry about my financial, my daily needs, my education, my entertainment and my life... You two gave me everything I need and I don't need... At the same time, You two taught me how to be a better person... I am who I am today because of you two... Your contribution and commitment, I can never pay back... <3 You two forever in my life...

Finally, Happy birthday again and I AM A LEGAL ADULT.....YEAH~~~~

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Public speaking

Yeah~~~ Finally, I had done with my public speaking... Honestly, I felt nervous when I was presenting.. So, I kept on moving front and back because I want to release my nervousness... But everyone said my presentation was good and confidence.. I was happy.. I saw attentions from some of my friends in the class... I should record down my presentation to show to my family and mr.tan.. But I really hope Pn.Huzaina likes my speech because she is the one who gives the marks...

Wow.. Thanks to Mr.Tan, who non-stop listening to my speech almost everyday in the car... Thank you... And Thank you to my best best friend in UM, Tien Mie because I knew she really supports me a lot.. Thank you for myself, to prepared and practiced and made it fruitful by my own efforts <3 these people in my life

A diary for 16th of October, Tuesday

Again, this time I wanted to do my diary yet the line in the library was lousy...

Alright, yesterday, I had my English Proficiency class with Miss Asma. Actually, I wanted to volunteer myself to teach the class, but I did not know why I had no courageous to raise up my hand and tell her "Ms.Asma, can I volunteer myself to teach the class?"... Why Pearly Hor?? BECAUSE I was worried that my answer will be attack by my lecturer...I feared that my lecturer will question me... I scared that my answer was wrong... To be frank, what I will face later in my fourth year in my practical will be 100 times worse than the situation I faced now... Imagine, if I do not have the gut to teach my friends, my course mates then how am I supposed to teach the evils young children????? SHOOT ME*bang bang bang bang*

After the micro-teaching, we had our first assessment which was writing paragraph... The topic of the writing was Third Language... I wrote something on difficulties in learning third language.. I did not know how well I wrote but I know I had try my best... Actually, I felt that my handwriting was messy and I wanted to rewrite but there is not much time left T.T

Then, we had the discussion for Dr.Julie's task given to us... Well, it was really hard to work in a group.. Although work in a group, ideas are more than one brain but works do not cut down.... I was tired... There are members who are not cooperate and do not give commitment, there are members in which giving too many ideas that I want to reject but I do not know how to reject them... There is a member in my group I do not like this person as a group member but as friend I really like it so much.. Honestly, this is true...This person is patty.. The most important is this person is not confidence.. This person always know how to complain others and saying others bad but this person did not realize this person is not perfect too.... Has no confidence is not a crime and I understand this person's feeling but this person cannot always not confidence with ownself answers or ideas therefore go and take a look or take the ideas that people thought it but do not want it... Honestly, I do not like this person.. But what to do?? I have to tolerate..

Life is not isolated.. We face many different personalities of people in our life.. We need them... We cannot work successfully alone... I am not saying that I am the best and always with confidence but I don't think by looking at others' answers or works can increase your confidence... Although I do not want that idea but can u please don't take my idea and can u please maintain with your own idea? Haiz...This is my own feeling, I just want to voice out but I do not want to hurt anyone...

BACK TO THE MAIN TOPIC, the task was tough but we managed to finish it... We had to put ourselves into the shoes of a ten-year-old child... and changed the extract to an extract specially made for them... Teacher is not an easy job...

A diary for 11th of October, Thursday

Well, I made a promise to myself that i will write my diary every Tuesday and Thursday but I did not make it.. Sorry Pearl <3

So now, I have to make an amendment for my last Thursday blog... I have to recall back my Thursday memory... Ok.. So early in the morning on that day, I had English Proficiency class with Madam Uma and we had two sections, listening and speaking respectively. Well, I realized that listening was not an easy task. I have to pay tenfold of attention listening to the ascents of don't know which country were they from. It was tough for me to catch up what they said. But at least I was able to listen to almost..erm.. well.. 80% of the conversation, Maybe >< Then, we had speaking task.. In between, there was something unhappy incident happened.. I do not want to remind myself with the incident by writing down here.. Madam Uma said she liked the way we had our speaking, it was better than the first time of speaking.. Honestly, I were happy with her compliment.

Then, we had Dr.Julie's class... She taught us about the approaches.. I don't remember what approach she taught... Yat I remembered she gave us a task.. The task was hard.. She wanted us to change an extract to an extract that was understandable by children... I will never think about this task until next Tuesday discussion ^^

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Well, started from last Thursday onward, I am going to write my diary every Tuesday and Thursday. It is a must for me to write my diary for my future use in my assignment.

Today I was chosen by my friend, Wana, to do the teaching in the class. I was nervous because I did not do any preparation for this teaching section. When I was doing the teaching, I realized that I was not serious in the way I talked and the gestures I made. I felt that the situation in the class was awkward when I was teaching. The lecturer did not say anything about my presentation and the class was quiet and non-reactive. I was trying to make the environment better but I cant make it. I do not know that whether the lecturer did not make comment on my presentation was a good news or not. I realized that I have difficulty in listening to the ascent of the students from China. I cannot be like this always. So I decided to be well prepare in next class and I want to volunteer myself to be the teacher of the day.

After one year in this course, I realized that I enjoyed teaching. I want to be a teacher who really can convey the knowledge to my students and at the same time mold my students' personalities and attitudes. However, I know that to be a teacher that able to do that, I have to improve myself first. Almost every beginning of the semester I told my friends and myself to make enhancement, yet, at the end, I did not do anything to improve myself T.T SAD CASE..

In Dr.Juliana's class as usual~lectured. She also informed us that we are going to have assignment AGAIN this Thursday.. Tiring as expected at the beginning of the semester.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Ok.. Well I am back again^^ There is one of my lecturers, Dr.Juliana asked us to do a diary everyday of my life.. So I think about my blog.. She gave us an assignment in which we have to do a reflection of our study life.. So to prevent lacking of ideas, she asked us to do a diary..

So today is Thursday.. The last day of schooling of the week.. I had my English proficiency class with Madam Uma in the morning.. We had listening activity today.. Then she showed us a video in Youtube to show us how a forum is conducted.. I was not anticipate to have my forum.. It is scary and dreadful.. In this forum, is a must for me to speak fluently and confidently in English.. Although the time limit is 5 minutes per speaker, it is like 5 hours for me.. T.T Later, I had my class with Dr.Juliana.. Writing something in class is the name of the course.. Well, we had presentation for her class today.. I wanted to perform well in her class, hence I prepared my speech and practiced thousand times  for my performance.. I was quite confidence for my presentation.. Yet, when I saw her face, I wanted to faint.. My heart beat very fast and my hands were trembling.. I told myself to not be nervous because I knew once I am nervous, all the efforts are gone.. Luckily, my presentation was not so bad.. Everything went smooth and none of them, even the top gang gave criticizes or comments until Grace stood up.. Her comment was that the questions we constructed were too easy.. Ya.. It was true and we accepted her points.. Dr said there is no coherence in our questions.. But yet overall is GOOD^^ So maybe if there are presentation next time, we will improve from our mistakes.. I was relieved once my presentation ended... Then, I had poetry class with Ms.Steph..

Alright.. As a conclusion, I felt that I am not as lazy as last time and I have the determination to achieve good CGPA in my exam.. I wanted to improve myself so that in future when I had my practical in school.. I can be a good teacher...