Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Finally, I had bought a Samsung Tab 3 last Friday... I like the to-do-list 2013 that I wrote with my bestie in the library... Due to my age, I have this thinking that I should be more discipline and mature in the aspect of mentality... Hence, I trained myself to work hard to accomplish the lists... I think I am going to do the same again next year with Mr.Tan...

Thursday, 22 August 2013

A new day

After the "incident" that happened in Tuesday, everything was over... The situation or feeling I have now is like the existence of rainbow after rain... I felt happy, grateful and free... Here, I want to say thank you to several people...

1. Mr.Tan.. Thanks for accompanied me when I was down and unhappy.. Because of you, I left the unhappiness behind...
2. Teacher Jing Jing... Thanks for hiring me when I need a job... Although I heard a lot of vicious remarks about you from the teachers here and I saw by myself the way you scolded the teacher and your maid, you treated me good like your own daughter... You helped me a lot... To be honest, in my image, you are a good employee..
3. Teachers who worked at Taska Bunga Suria especially Teacher Tan... We had fun and talked a lot to ensure our time passed fast... Thanks for helping me and chatting with me... I love the time we had when the supervisor was taking off days...

~~Now my holidays officially started from today onward~~

Well.. I have think of the Western names for my future daughter and son, no matter who my husband is... (Sorry Mr.Tan but your possibility is the highest)... For my son will be Carsten while my daughter Malange...

The source of these names:
1. Carsten: One night, I watched this badminton world tournament with Mr.Tan.. It was a competition between which countries... I forgot but it was a men double... So the announcer/commentator announced the name of the players from Denmark, Carsten Mogensen... The moment I heard this name, I was like "Wow.. What a nice name!!" Since Mr.Tan likes badminton very unlimitedly, I decided to use it for my son..
2. Malange: Came from an article which I saw from my senior and shared with my best friend... Malange is a name of a coffee.. It sounds nice and I like coffee unlimitedly as well, so I decided to use it for my daugther...

* Live with the heart of appreciation *

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Off day

Hahaha... Guess what day is today?

Yes.. Today is my off day... Today my daycare center was having one day trip to factories. The principal did not included me into the list because I am a part-timer.. 

I am not sad because they excluded me but I am having a fun day relaxing at home and settled my fee payment and my SOP report (have to force myself to settle all these by today).

Today is also the Chinese Valentine's Day which I am not celebrating..

~Deng Deng Deng~ My new/temporary smart phone :

I bought this phone under the Malaysian Budget 2013 programme.. A free phone for youths from the age of 21 - 30 years old... Although it was stated as "Free" but it was not free.. I have to pay RM50 for the SIM card + 8GB Memory card = = Although this phone is a local brand and smaller in size but the internal functions are not bad.. At least i can play a lot of games that my SE unable to download ^^

Although I have this phone but I am determined to buy Note 2... Note 2 please wait for me ><

Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Future

When I was halfway doing my report for the SOP, I felt bored and meaningless.. I stopped doing the report and was thinking about my future... Even though, I have studied this course for already almost 2 years, I still have no interest in becoming a teacher.. Even though, every holidays or semester breaks, I used to become a part time tuition or daycare teacher, I still have no interest in teaching children.. Thinking back, I chose this course because of my parents.. When I put this course as my first choice, I thought I will be not that lucky to get this course, as most of my friends and seniors said that it is very hard to get to study your first choice.. But I don't know whether I am LUCKY or NOT, I got my first choice..

I don't know what should I do after I graduate.. I can't be staying at home all the time or get married after graduate.. Hence, I was using the whole evening to think about my future...

What I want actually?

  1. A work that guarantees a bright future for myself.
  2. A work that gives you an amount of salary which is enough for my survival + luxurious life.
  3. A work that gives me a sense of freedom.
  4. A work that allows me to have make up and wear pretty clothes.
  5. A work that brings me happiness but not frustration and anger.
Is it possible for me to find this kind of work? I don't know but I WILL try to find this kind of work for myself. I was thinking of becoming a flight attendant BUT in my opinion, flight attendant has no difference with a waitress.. It is just like a higher level of waitress..

Am I having too many demands? What should I become in the future? I have no idea T.T

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Already August...

Well, holidays, are you in a hurry? My holidays passed so fast... Already a time, I didn't update my blog.. Nothing much.. I am still working for the seek of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2... An unhappy incident happened.. Mr.Tan's car was ransacked by robbers and my bag was searched messily by the dirty hands of these robbers... I lost a lot of things compared to Mr.Tan.. I kept on comforting myself but I think I cannot accept this incident, I fell sick.. Until today, I am still having cough and flu..

July was not my month... Hope August will treat me better <3
~Life still goes on~