Thursday, 22 May 2014

Good Talk

Happy today because we finally able to talk without gap like last time.. This is week 13 and there is one more week, the semester officially ends.. Thanks for having gathering today, it made us be back like last time and had sakai times together...

Today, last class with Madam Zuwati.. I felt lucky and happy to be in her class... She taught us a lot of things and gave us constructive and useful comments during our teaching... Thank you.. I think she is a very successful lecturer and we are glad to have you teaching us....

In the library, we had a great talk regarding our future.. FUTURE - a blur and vague word for me.. I wanted to work but I don't know what should I work as... I wanted to continue my study but I don't know what should I take for my Master... I DON'T KNOW is the only answer I have now for my future... Tien has her planning... She is determined to take English Literature for her Master... Taking Master is not about friend.. Hence, I have to think deeply and seriously about what I am interested in... I think I don't know myself very well yet... Life is full of possibilities... What I should do now maybe I should talk to an educated and wiser person like??? No idea who is this person.. 

Monday, 19 May 2014


Is it hard to go back to the time where four of us having fun, SAKAI and talk without any gaps in between us? I realized we are quite apart after the argument and misunderstanding.. I dislike this awkwardness or gap that exists in between us.. I appreciate our friendship but it was like I was angry that day because if her misunderstanding towards me and I had no idea how to explain... So I gave up explaining.. I just hope she didn't read my blog..

Is true that nothing in this world last long. Although this is sad, it teaches humans to appreciate something before it gone.. If everything last long, I bet none of us will learn and understand the meaning of "Appreciate".. I was sad to read the article she posted in her blog.. It is true but at least we must have the effort to try to connect and contact with each other even though we are not studying in the same school, working in the same place or spend most of the time in a day with each other.. We have one more year to go.. Can we be happily for this remaining year before we are going to separate from each other?



Friday, 16 May 2014

Time for a Rest

Finally is time for a rest now and only for today because I need to do my draft for my research paper..

This week a hectic and busy week for me.. So many assignments, walking and problems...

Anyway, things have past.. Let's look forward and be anticipated for my future...

Can't think of anything now... Is time to off my brain and let it rests..

Good Night, Brain <3

Thursday, 15 May 2014

W12 unhappiness

There was so many unhappiness happened to me this week.

Don't think a good friend will understand you much... When something happens, they too will be in the crowd that misunderstands you..

Explanation? Best friend needs explanation too when something happens.. Don't ever assume that they will be the one who understands your personalities and characteristics... You want explanation? I can give it to you but do you think you will understand me better, not angry with me and kick away the negative thoughts you have about me? If NO, then sorry... An explanation is not needed...

I admit that I am playful, filled with nonsense but when it needs me to become an adult, I can be an adult too.. When I am given a responsibility in a group assignment, I will do it properly for my own good and their good too.. Instead I was being asked for someone's mistake T.T I am active but I am not that evil friend who likes to separate others and I am definitely not a loudspeaker... I keep secret too.. I hope G and M had a good relation too...

Before you blamed me or angry with me, do you ever think of the rationale why am I doing so?? Do you really understand my characteristics? For the umbrella case, is really my fault.. So, I have no right to defend myself.. no matter how terrible you want to scold me or say to me, I accept but for these few unhappiness that happened, IT IS NOT MY FAULT...

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Already quite a time I didn't update my blog.. This semester is quite a packed and busy semester compared to last 5 semesters.. I have a lot of lesson plans and micro teaching to do... Although I have presented for quite a number of times, every time I come out to teach in the class and in front of my own classmates, I feel nervous... I knew my weakness which is language... I can't speak fluent English spontaneously in term of grammar and pronunciation... I tried to overcome this problem by reading more English materials but FAILED... I should try to watch and listen to English videos or audios but I NEVER try...

One more month, I am going to become a trainee teacher... Nervousness is here again... I was informed that I am going to teach at SMK Bukit Bintang... However, is not confirmed yet until tomorrow... Actually no matter which school I am going to teach, I will be nervous.. So I think I should be happy with this school as it is near UM, I am going to this school with my best friend and Tien knows the principal there... Always try to comfort myself that I can teach and should overcome this nervousness but it is still there in my mind and heart... I have a lot to think... Are the boys there naughty? Will they listen to me? Can I teach them well? What should I teach? Can I mingle with them and have a good teacher-students relationship with them?


The happiest thing in this semester was I was chose to become "Teacher of the Day" by my lecturer... I was happy... The feeling was like sitting in a roller coaster... I was down and unsatisfied with my teaching but unexpectedly among all the presenters, I was the being chosen for this recognition... I never think of becoming a teacher, I was forced by my parents to enter this course... However, once I stepped into this course, I have to put all my efforts and try my best to achieve at least a pass for all courses... 

My attire as a teacher... Most of my friends praised me that I looked good in this attire and I looked like a teacher.. I am happy for the compliments.. I do look pretty everyday ><

What will I be in the future? Will I be a teacher? Again, the answer is