Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I realized...

Today is the last day of September..
In a blink, 2014 nearly reach the end... Three more months to go and I am going to celebrate New Year again.. Sigh again for the speed of time..

I have learned Korean for almost a year and I learned this language from three Korean exchange students including this new teacher.. From Seulgi to Cha Ryeong from Cha Ryeong to Hyeong Min, I realized Cha Ryeong is the best tutor among the other two.. She is more friendly and taught better than the other two..

I realized can't stand hunger.. If I am starved, I will feel headache and nausea.. I love food but I do not hope to become fat.. Contradiction occurs = =

I realized I can't poop at other toilets except at the toilet in my house.. I am scolded by Mr.Egg and my friends for my bad habit of bearing the poop from coming out rather than go and poop it out..

Recently, I had just finished watching "It's Ok, That's Love".. A unique Korean drama because this drama is unlike the usual Korean drama that we watched.. It is not about dying, crying, and pathetic love but it is about human psychology.. The importance of family' s influence and treatments to children in their childhoods.. The different types of psychology that exist in this world.. Going to see psychologist doesn't mean that you are abnormal but instead they make you feel comfortable by chatting with them and expressing out your anger and depression..

I realized I am kind of admired the main actor in this drama... He is handsome and charming unlike the usual flower boys in Korea..
I realized I am addicted to the OST in this drama especially the English songs used in this drama..
I realized I am started to have interest in learning or get to know more about human psychology..

Many things to realize in this month...
By the way, my 30-day exercising that I posted in previous blog has officially FAILED T.T

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

20 facts about myself

Come out with "20 facts about yourself" is a viral challenge now in Instagram...
So I have two friends here who nominated me to do this challenge: My best friend and Michelle ^^

It was really a challenge for me.. It took quite a long time for me to think and come out with these 20 facts.. The worst thing is, it took me 5 times to re-upload the photo with the 20 facts to Instagram ==  The first time I failed to upload and I lost all the 20 facts that I have typed T.T So the second time I tried to upload the photo, I was smart... I copy all the words that I have typed.. So if this time, I was unable to upload but I have saved the facts.. Hehehehe...I found this challenge is quite interesting and attractive.. It really helps me to think deeply about myself..

This was what I came out with..

20 facts about myself:

1. I love to drink coffee but I have zero knowledge about coffee.
2. I love Kang Gary from Running Man. I love his personalities and appearance based on what I saw in Running Man but I do not like most of his songs.
3. I love to eat spicy food especially tom yam.
4. I put water to my rice if I eat petai.
5. I am lazy. I want to be slim but I am lazy to exercise. I love to read but it takes months for me to finish a book or novel.
6. I dislike add math and physics. I hate calculations.
7. I have birth marks on my back left bottom. I call it my countries because these birth marks look like countries on a map which is my skin.
8. I love my friends and Mr.Egg but I believe that anything can happen and change in friendship and relationship except family bonding.
9. I am quiet and shy to strangers and new friends. It takes times for me to show you my true colours (crazy, funny and nonsense girl) to them.
10. I act childishly but I think maturely. 
11. I love to mingle with kids rather than adults. Because to me, adults are more complicated.
12. I love science especially biology. I am amazed on how the organs and systems in humans, insects and animals function.
13. I am conscious with my belongings or ODC(maybe?). I have to put my belongings to the right place after I have used it.
14. I do not hold grudges for long. I am unable to angry with someone for more than one day.
15. I like to wear stripless bra.
16. I have pimples and scars (from pimples) on my face.
17. I have oily face and hair. So when it is afternoon, my face and hair start to become oily.
18. I want to feel the feeling and experience of pregnancy but I am not eager and ready to be a mother or wife.
19. I don't think I am fertile as I suffer with period pain every month.
20. I think about death and growing up when I am having insomnia.

Actually, there must be more than 20 facts about myself but it is just that it is hard for me to think. Maybe two more which are: I like to pose "peace" in almost all my photos & I love to cut my fringe straight and above my eyebrow level.

My new challenge.. Since my grandparents said I am fatter.. Now I want to be determined and challenged myself with this 30-day exercising challenge... Hope after 30 days, I am able to see some changed to my body ^^