Tuesday, 2 June 2015

An Ending is Another New Beginning

Well, these few days I kept thinking about the final days I have in UM... I did tell Mr. Egg how much I will miss all this and I even was the only one who teared after the closing and ending of our play... When I thought about leaving and ending, I keep on telling myself a quote from Mitch Albom's book (5 people you Met in Heaven) "An ending is another new beginning". Because I felt the sadness and nostalgia, I decided to do one thing: Take pic with every coursemates... But I successfully only a few because some I can't even meet them in UM in our faculty = =

One of them is Adli boy ^^

Am I the only one among our coursemates who is feeling nostalgic and sad for the separation? = =

Today is the second last day for me: to be in UM as a student
                                                      : to stay in the library for hours while waiting for Mr. Egg
                                                      : for me to have class
                                                      : for me to be with Gan & Tien

And I have finally done with my thesis (except content), done with the play and done with Dr. Sani's presentation and assignment... Hooray... But I do still have 2 exams and an assignment which due on 25th June T.T

Hahaha.. Great right? Let me introduce to you the townpeople: Uncle Chan... I do look like a man here ^^ Thanks to the costume, styling, make up and moustache from Pola, Melody, Bahjah, Mc, Bella, Chui and Abang Din <3

Last but not least, a group picture is a must... We have made it... Good job, everyone... Throughout this play, I had my three first times... First time: to bathe in UM toilet, staying late at UM until 10 something and first time to come to UM everyday except for Sunday... One more thing, I realised that other than Tien & Gan, Melody reads my blog too ^^ I thought my blog is personal and no one will read my blog... But who knows there are people out there who concerns about my thoughts and life... Keep it up, Tien, Gan and Mel... 

Alright.. Let's face the reality and continue with assignment *Sigh*