Saturday, 2 January 2016

Ahhh 😤😤

A new year.. A new chapter.. A new beginning
Since it is a new year, Facebook is floated with positive vibes talking about new change and bla bla bla..

I can't tahan anymore.. I need a channel for me to express my frustration and anger...

Ever since I have started to work.. All my parents said is money, money, money... Come on.. I have started to work only one month.. All you asked is have you got your salary, how do you want to use your salary, please pay some of the bills.. I earn only rm2000 a month.. I have to save money also to pay for my ptptn and for my own usage.. You have bought houses for my two brothers but not me.. I don't mind how you want to spend your money for them, but please don't because you have to pay installment for this and that just because of my brothers and you feel financially burdensome, then come to me and ask me to pay this and that.. Your son has started to work for almost two years but did you ask him to pay this and that for you? Nope.. Your didn't.. Instead you said as parents you should help your children who just started to work.. But why not me?

Please just please.. Don't every time when you guys see me, the only topic you can ask and say is money.. Ask something else.. I feel burdensome, stressed and heartbreak whenever you did this to me