Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stress+happy+dissappointed= complicated

Well..  Me and my very good friend in UM purposely skipped a lecturer's class just to shop for our cultural night and hers' college dinner.. Expect myself will have a lot of small and big bags to bring back home.. Unfortunately, we did not buy anything except nail colors.. The clothes there are either too expensive or not suit our styles.. Yet we had a lovely time by having tea at Starbucks and chit chatting..

I ll like to have this time again with you tien<3

Start from today, I will not able to have good nights for many days... I received the news that I am going to have my final exam for Listening class next Friday and I am not well-prepared.. OMG... I need help from God to make the time goes slow and slow and slow.. So that I have amber of time to prepare.. These are the lists of my work: 1. TITAS literature review hand in to Nadia- 20/4
               2. Philosophy test- 25/4
               3. Pk's 2nd assignment + Listening portfolio- 26/4
               4. Listening final exam- 27/4
               5. Pk's individual assignment- 10/5
               6. Dr.Jessie's reflections- 22/5
               7. Listening project work- 24/5
Ok.. That's all for today.. Need to go to fight.. JIA YOU^^