Saturday, 7 March 2015

CNY Day Two, Three & Five, Six

Since there is nothing much to say my recent life, let's continue to talk about CNY..

CNY Day 2 & 3:

 Every year CNY, going back to my mother's father's hometown, Kampar, is a custom for us.. Except for last year.. I forgot the reason my family did not go back to Kampar last year.. This is my youngest granduncle's house.. From the left, my youngest granduncle, my 4th granduncle, my 6th granduncle and *deng deng deng deng* my grandfather..

Selfie is a must in every occasion.. Ya. we had "lou sang" again.. This year I had "lou sang" for almost five times? Many times but I can't remember the exact amount.. 

1st day had a picture with his own father and this time he had picture with his father-in-law.. My father enjoys going back to Kampar because he can play mahjong with my granduncles which are also his "mahjong kaki-s" and also he can have men-talk with my granduncles..

This picture was taken by my uncle who is very close with me.. I kinda like this picture not because of the model in this picture but because of the lightning in this picture and this picture is "natural"..

Ya.. My cousins, siblings and I learned to play mahjong this year.. But we are not experts yet.. And no money was involved..

We stayed there for one night in my youngest granduncle's house.. His house during daytime was super hot and stuffy but when it comes to the night, wow, it was cooling without the air-con.. We went to many places to "bai nian" and received quite a number of "angpaus".. But the most important thing is gathering, talking and reunion with the kins..

CNY Day 5 & 6:

Ok.. It came to the days that I quite anticipate the most.. This year CNY was a little bit special for us.. Usually during CNY, my father will bring us to local trip.. But this year, we didn't go anywhere, we just go on a cruise.. First time to sit,sleep,walk and have fun on a LARGE cruise..

This is Penang Second Bridge.. We were taking this cruise by taking the package trip.. RM 350 per person.. We sat on the bus for a few hours.. To go through this bridge, driver has to pay toll for RM 25 for bus, RM 75 for lorry and only RM 7 for car.. Nothing special about this bridge.. It was just that we can have sea view, both sides design of the bridge are special and it is long..

Then the tour guide stopped us at a side to take pictures.. My parents, father's friend and wife on the left and my aunt and her hubby on the right..

We went to the snake temple.. The weather her is super hot.. I wonder why every year CNY, the sun will be super scorching.. This temple has nothing special.. It was just a normal Chinese temple but the uniqueness of this temple are the (1) stair up to this temple has many many beggars sitting on the sides of the stair, waiting for your money and (2) there is a room in this temple that has almost 10++ snakes and a huge snake waiting for you to spend some money and take picture with them..

What a coincidence.. During our arrival, we saw lion dance which was having performance in this temple.. For almost 7 years, I haven't watch any lion dance performance in KL.. This Chinese performance is going to disappear soon.. The funny thing was, when the lion dance was performing, the beggar who was sitting on the stairs waiting for donation, used his "SMARTPHONE" to take pictures of the lion dance.. Beggar can afford a smartphone.. Rich beggar..

We waited at the pier for almost an hour to enter into the cruise.. While waiting my cousin, Xuan, sis and I took many ugly selfie.. One of it is this picture.. Tien's phobia..

This is the cruise that we took.. One of the cruises that is belong to Genting.. It's name is Libra.. My zodiac ^^

We took pictures at the aisle..
The cruise was not only large but long long long..

We don't gamble.. There was nothing to play in the cruise.. We were bored and so we decided to go for karaoke together.. Talking about karaoke, we had a weird and new experience.. Mr.Egg likes singing and he has a very nice voice.. So that day he sang as usual and due to his good singing, an uncle invited him to sing with him.. Two tables treated us drinks and food.. Thanks to Mr.Egg, we have strangers treating us and we were full and happy.. 

Because we were singing without realizing the time passing, we ended our singing session at 2 something, took a quick sleep and woke up at 5 something just because of this: sunrise.. Beautiful Mother Nature..  It was worth for taking away our sleeping time for this..

It is raining heavily now.. The thunder's sound is scary.. Making me no mood to continue to blog = =
Oh, before I forget, there is something that is worth for me to mention..
Now I am waiting for Huzaina to comment about my Chapter 1.. But i have sent this draft for several days, until now no reply from her yet..