Thursday, 28 February 2013

27/2/2013 Wednesday + 28/2/2013 Tuesday

Well, I wanted to update my blog yesterday but the feeling of idleness overwhelmed me. Hence, I give up writing...

Refreshing my memory about yesterday, well, the most remarkable event was the outing with the maniacs which included Grace, Wana, Nadia and of course my lovely "second messenger" a.k.a Tien. Gan was excluded from the name "maniac" because he was quiet and isolated in our outing. This was also my first time to go out with Grace and Wana.. Out of my expectation, our outing was not awkward, yet enjoyment and laughter appeared. We went to Ampcord Mall, a place where WAna and Gan have never been before. We had Tien and my favorites which are McD and Starbucks. We went to Book Access too. I spent all the money in my purse and a voucher worth rm50. Now, I left only RM 150 book vouchers. I need to spend these money wisely because to be frank, I am not a book worm. I seldom use my money to buy books, instead I will use them to but clothes>< Not forget to mention, my best friend Tien was scolded by our proficiency teacher because of her very bad habit, which is, playing phone during lesson. hahahaha

OK. Back to today happenings. Well the lecturer for Language Learning is so weird and always making me speechless in his class. He is either too fast in reading his notes or dismisses the class what ever time he likes. Today, I went to the class early with full of preparation to record and catch up his notes. Unexpectedly, he dismissed us within 20 minutes if I am not mistaken with the reason that we were not asking any questions related to the topic that he wrote on the whiteboard. I mean even a professor needs to be well prepare before he goes to any conference or meetings. Then, how about us?? He didn't inform us beforehand to do research or preparation about these topics, so how was he going to expect us to ask him questions related to these topics?? All I can say is, his salary is easy to earn. No wonder many students failed his class in previous sem and sem. Then about PTPTN loan was making me speechless as well. Why can't the government standardize the loan that they bank in into our account every sem?? Sometimes more than RM 1000 and sometimes less than that... Luckily, I was alert. It was impossible for my account to have more RM2000. As what I predicted, they haven't deduct my overall fee yet. But there is one thing that I should be grateful is the remainder of my money after deduction is more than RM1000...

The last thing I wanted to talk about is my relationship with my friend, Gan. He seems to be so far away from us. Why is this happening? Seriously, I have no idea. I felt that he is weird and annoying. Ya. It is true that as a friend we should accompany each other but going to kps withdraw money requires our company as well? He purposely chased us because he wanted us to company him to kps to withdraw money? Is kps dangerous? No, even if it was, it will not be robbery, is may be patty cases. I think he can protect his properties and himself. He can go back to his hometown alone why can't he go to kps himself? Does he withdraw more than rm100000? NO. What is my functions there? My duties are to stand there and panting. Haiz, seriously, I hope that he can be more brave and stronger physically and mentally. He can't hope for our companions until the end of his life. However, Tien is able to do so because she is single and they have the very low possibilities to couple up. Hope he will change to a better person in future.

Friday, 22 February 2013

22 February 2013

I thought that I will not need to attend Friday classes throughout my whole study years.. For three consecutive semesters, I had no classes on Friday.. I was so happy for this.. Friday eventually is a sleeping day for me.. However, this semester, it is mandatory for me to attend Friday class.. I was reluctant to attend this class but I was glad that I was able to register for this class.. I cannot evade to register for this class.. In any one of the remaining semesters, I will have to enter this class too.. If so, I would like to attend this class with my good friend...Haiz, sad Friday T.T

In the library, my friend and I were trying to arrange and plan for our future semesters.. In the process, we realized that we had studied in UM for already two years... Time passes in a blink of eyes without our acknowledgement... And we found out that we learned nothing from the course but we learned something not related with the course.. Is this something we should be proud of?? I dont know.. I only know that we cannot regret for our doings at the past... Be happy of who we are and be satisfy of what we have now..

              ~BE HAPPY, NO WORRIES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^

Sunday, 3 February 2013


今天很开心啊。本来还很担心一切都不会很顺利, 怎么知道吉人只有天上。今天我的老老拿了工钱啦还有花红。平常对人来说,拿工钱和花红是个很开心的事。 可是对我和老老来说, 这是一个很好的开始, 所以特别的开心。本来还很担心钱不够用。因为最近撞倒车,还有过年需要用到满多的钱。心里很纳闷的想,咳,这个月肯定又没有的存钱还要省吃呢。可是现在不但有的花还有的存呢。很好很好。 我都知道我老老是可以的。老老,继续加油。就是因为老老好,自然而然我也受益。怎么说人是很现实的。我爸妈也不另外。他门看到那个礼篮,真的很开心。还是我最了解他们。咳。可是我好像吹打了那个价钱。早知道就不要说那么高,好像有点夸张。有点后悔了。对不起。希望他们不要再问我那个礼篮的事了 T.T
谢谢老老那么努力的为我和我们的将来奋斗。 谢谢我老老的斑斑那么的看好他。他可是我老老的伯乐。竟然斑斑那么好, 我希望他水越来越多, 越来越大。也要谢谢我自己,看好我老老,做我老老的私人助理还有管钱的那个。