Friday, 10 October 2014

Go for IT LOH

For two consecutive days, I went to Midvalley.. This was the first time in my life to go to Midvalley for so two times in a week.. Spent quite a lot T.T

I have this friend, who is to me, clumsy, innocent and kind..
These few days, quite frequent, I hang out with her and I started to realize a lot of things about her..
She has personalities which are totally opposite from me..

She is a happy go lucky person which I am not.. I will feel sad and angry if something goes wrong with what I wanted or planned.. But it takes me only one day to be happy back.

She is a person who thinks an action, has a desire or decision, she will instantly do it or achieve it without further consideration or thinking.. I am not.. When I want to carry out an action, I need to think of many things.. Which is to me, a quite bad behaviour.. Worries or think too much makes you further away from your dream.. Once you started to consider a lot and come out with results or questions that might or might not happen, you will start to afraid to make the first step.

She is a person who will not think negatively.. I will.. When I wanted to do something, I always think for the worst results and what should I do if the worst result happens.. She told me failure or success of a matter we cannot control it.. The only we can do is work hard and do the best for it..

When watching horror movie, she dares to listen to the horror sound effects with closed eyes but I am not.. I cannot listen to these sound but I dare to open my eyes and watch the movie.. hahaha (SO PROUD)

Yes, she is clumsy, messy, innocent and blurred but I guess she is happier than I am.. She is able to show me something that I don't have and I should learn from her..

Thanks hotty ><