Thursday, 22 November 2012

Unvoiceable feeling

OMG.. Well, I am here again because I really want to write my this moments feeling down.. Guess what?? I got full marks for my English Proficiency forum... Yeah... To be frank, I m really very happy about it.. I felt like I want to announce this news to the whole world... to everyone.. to all my friends.. to my family and Mr.Egg... But I know I can't... Because for sure later they are people who think that I am boosting myself and arrogant because of this minor thing.. Well maybe it is a minor news for the people around me but for me it is a news that able to fly me up... So I decided to post my feelings here...When, she said that there are some people who managed to obtain full mark, I never come across in my mind that one of them will be me.. So, I thought that probably I will get around 20 something.. Well, I had this range of marks for myself is not because I try to be humble but I felt that my performance that day was bad.. First I prepared the script a day before the forum and I did not have a time to practice my speech.. Second, on that day of forum I was nervous... Third, when I had my forum, everything went smooth at the beginning but at the end I was stuck.. Shoot me.. Of course at the moment I was panicked yet I told myself to be calm.. Just said whatever came into my mind..Because of these three reasons, I felt terrible and I deleted the script I prepared.. I do not hope to see this script again..

But i was wrong.. I managed to get 40 and I managed to get compliment from Madam Uma... She said that I was the best presenters on that day.. She knew that I was struggling but she said I managed to continue my performance... And she said my pronunciation was clear and cut off... Well, I am happy to have the compliments from her.. Thanks Madam Uma... At that time, I really hope that my best friend Tien Tien was there as well as Gan.. I hope to hug her on the spot but she was not there.. So instead of hugging her I hugged Inia..^^

Well, I was quite satisfy with my progress this semester.. I felt that I improved alot.. But I cannot rest on laurels.. I have to continue to make improvement and be the best in my world.. I will only compete with my previous self...My principle is to try my best in everything so that I will never regret for my action...Lastly,


Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Crack

My heart is painful... Don't know why... It is only an imagination but it can able to twist every single cell in my heart... i understand but why YOU are so cruel... Even the main connection YOU also destroy it... Two strangers stepping on the same land... So near yet so far