Wednesday, 29 January 2014

First break

Want to talk about what has happened yesterday but too much to say... Of course, the focus is still on Mr.Egg's birthday celebration...

Yesterday I had a good time for self-grooming at home.. Look what I had done to myself


My first time to colour my nails.. Usually I dislike to put colours on my nails because personally I feel it doesn't look nice at all.. I used to colour only my toes because to me it is nice ^^ However, yesterday I broke my principle and had my nails COLOURED.. I added some dots on the colour by myself.. Creative neh.. Hee Hee *blushing*.. I remain the same thinking that it is not nice to have colours on my nails but I was amazed and impressed by my art skill and creativity...

Second: MY HAIR

The colour in this picture is not obvious but if you look at my hair in reality, the colour is very obvious.. Ya.. I decided to dye my hair.. But I didn't expect my mother bought this colour for me.. Velvet something.. I used to colour my hair with brown... Again, I break my rule and had this colour on my hair.. Surprisingly, I like this colour... Thanks to my mother who helped me to dye my hair and bought this colour for me..

And next~~~~ Deng Deng Deng.. The main focus: Mr. EGG'S birthday
Although it is the focus of today's blog but I don't want to talk about his Birthday celebration.. It is a sweet and lovely memory between me and Mr. Egg <3 I will attach a photo

Hope you will like everything I planned for your birthday yesterday ^^

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. Egg ♡

Okay.. Before the day ends in 10 minutes,  I want to wish Mr. EGG

                          ♡♡♡♡♡~~~~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~~♡♡♡♡♡

Will talk more about today tomorrow.. Too tired and sleepy.. Good night

Friday, 24 January 2014

Unable to feel CNY atmosphere

6 more days to go for us to celebrate CNY.. But I can't feel the atmosphere.. Compared to last year, this year, I can't feel the atmosphere that is informing me "Hey, CNY is coming soon." The happiness and anticipation are not there for me to celebrate this DAY T.T  I told my mum, sister and cousin about this feeling of mine.. Most of them said they felt it too.. NOT HAPPENING!! NOT HAPPENING!!!#$%

LESS: 1. CNY songs... 2. Colourful CNY decorations... 3. Lion dance... 4. Angpau

It was unhappening because of the economy(most people said) The price of this increases, that increases.. The only thing remain the same is the salary... I do not wish this feeling remain for the coming year CNY... I will only allow this feeling to happen this year... 

Therefore after 4 years, I promised myself that I will register myself as the voter... 

My mother who is very enthusiastic for every year CNY, decorated our house... 

This is only a corner of my house...There are a lot more but I am very lazy to take these pictures...

This year, I will not go back to my hometown Ipoh to meet my relatives.. As a result, less angpau... However, I am going to Langkawi for the first time with Mr. Egg and the second time with my family... I anticipate for this trip.. Wonder how Mr.Egg will be ^^ 

~ Trip trip faster arrives..~~

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Shopping again ^^

Today I had a tiring but happy day with Mr.Egg ^^ We went to the Brands Outlet at Ikano Power Center and Ikea.. Maybe today is Sunday and Chinese New Year is coming soon, hence, the traffic was terribly jammed even though we went there at 11 something... I love the Brands Outlet at IPC.. The store is spacious and the choices of clothes are more than the Brands Outlet at OU... Ya == I bought clothes again T.T I seriously wanted to stop myself from shopping and wasting $$ again.. I don't think shopaholic is good except if I were rich... The fact is I am not very very rich but I HAVE THIS BEHAVIOUR.. *SHOOT MYSELF* But thanks to Mr. Egg to pay the bill for me <3

After that, we went to Ikea to buy my new baby (soft toy that I will hug when I sleep).. I used to hug a pig when I sleep but the pig now becoming old and loosen, so Mr.Egg decided to buy me a new one.. Guess what.. I brought a BROCCOLI... Ya.. my new baby's name ^^

Hello ><

My usual pose with Broccoli ^^

Then, we went to Ikea restaurant to have my meatballs.. Yeah... Finally... I have been to Ikea many times but I never try to eat at Ikea.. This is my first time to taste the food here... My uni friends used to tell me that the meatballs at Ikea is very delicious and it is a food that represents Ikea, but not the furniture there..  The place was so crowded but according to Mr.Egg, the place was organized and the staffs worked effectively.. We ordered a plate of 10 meatballs + a spring chicken + a slice of almond cake + coffee(for me) + soft drink (for Egg).. 

Dada~~ Ok.. Conclusion, the taste of the meatballs(in my opinion) were so so but the sauce and mash potato were delicious.. The chicken was very nice and the price of this chicken was very cheap.. Only RM15.90 for whole chicken and french fries.. The cake was the best... The coffee was bitter.. I don't like to drink bitter coffee, so, I added 2 packs of creamer and 2 packs of sugar for each cup of coffee I drank.. These were very fulfilling for Mr.Egg & me...

Lastly, the photo of my lovely Egg.. Thanks Egg for today... I love you so much <3

Friday, 17 January 2014


Well, this word "Finally" represents two things:
                              1. FINALLY, I decided to upload my 2014 New Year celebration photos.
                              2. FINALLY, Semester 1 Year 3 ended.

Okay. Firstly, I wanted to upload my New Year celebration photos at Desa Park City.. Among all the photos that we took, I think these three are quite good...

I have this thinking two of use looked nice under this Christmas tree....

I purposely took this photo because of these Korean words because I wanted to send  and show it to my Korean teachers + friends ^^

And the LAST picture is a finger-symbolized 2014 > <

Finished uploading 2014 celebration photos, now is time for me to talk about "How I ended my another wasted semester in UM?"... 

This picture maybe is nothing for many people. It is only a picture of three plates of food.. But to me this is meaningful... During this whole semester, I think the bond between me and them became loosen.. Maybe because in this semester, we had less classes, I was unable to watsapp them because my phone was spoiled and we met less because TM broke her ankle. We never had a proper lunch together. This was the second lunch we had at KPS after our second last paper. 

Then on the last day of our last paper which is on 13th Jan, Monday, we went to Jaya One and had lunch at Sushi King. I like to eat sushi but I seldom eat at Sushi King. The price of the set dish, a plate of pink dish sushi with the Government + service taxes was out of my expectation. Very expensive for a student like me to eat.. But I enjoyed the fun and happiness we had during the lunch. I started to feel that Michelle was changing to a better and funny person. I enjoyed being with her.. We went to Midvalley together without TM. Gan had to rush for his bus back to Johor, so Mich and I window shopped a while to see the Cheongsam that she wanted to buy. But very unfortunately the size that she wanted was bought by others. We went to the fitting room and tried the Cheongsam together.. I wore Cheongsam before when I was a kid... These are the pictures :

I am very happy to have these "sakais" with me.. They bring happiness and fun in my UM life.. Thank you FRIENDS... 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Not again ==

Recently, I had very hard times to have a good sleep. I reallt 100 % unwelcome and dislike this condition. Physically I am tired but my brain is very active. Why does this situation happened to me recently???

Today NOW I can't sleep and my brain is thinking about the coming soon practical in June(if I am not mistaken) this year. I am thinking about the type of school that I will be sent to, the type of students that I will have, whether I am qualify to teach or not, transportation and why government does not pay us anything for teaching practice, at least transportation fee to us. To make myself sleep, I keep on telling myself, is too early to think all of this. Be free, be easy. As I grow older, I realise I think a lot especially during night time.

Is late and I need to stop writing and continue to convince myself to sleep.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year ¥^^¥

In a blink of eyes, 2014 arrived. Time passes so fast. Yesterday I went to Desa Park City with Mr.Tan for countdown.. We didn't want to go somewhere far, so we decided to go to the same place for countdown like last year. Compare to last year, this year celebration was not really happening.

I wanted to upload some photos but my tab is unable to upload any photos which really made me annoyed !!!!==I am going to upload them some other days..

I really dislike and unwelcome thw arrival of 2014 due to the fact that me myself and my family members are getting older. I AM 23 YEARS OLD..7 more years to go and I am 30 T.T How I wish time goes sloweĊ• so I can have more time to do things that I want to do and more time for my family and loved one. Anyway this is a fact and I have to accept it.

~happy new year everyone and my family and loved ones~