Saturday, 2 June 2012


I am sorry.. Finally now only I understand the reason behind you to keep on enduring your family's behaviour.. I realized that I am stupid.. I always complaint to you that you do have have anger and do not fathom for your action of enduring your family even it is theirs wrongs... Now only I understand.. I understand that you do not want argument to happen.. I understand that even it was not your wrong none in your family will support you.. I understand even if you voice out with reasons and logic, your father will not stand by you.. Finally, you still have to be the one to say sorry.. This same goes to us... If we have disputement, even it is not your wrong, you still will be the one to say sorry first.. Because you appreciate our relationship and you do not want to lose me because of an argument.. I do not know how to compensate my action to you.. I felt uncomfortable in my heart.. Thank you for supporting me and be with me even your family dislikes me..

I promised to you that I will not longer demand you to point out your family's errors... I will understand you and stand beside you.. Hold your hand and walk together to confront all the uneasiness and sadness you face..

From this incident, I realized that voice out does not mean you will get the results that you want.. Sometimes voice out only worsen the situation..