Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I want my fair and flawless skin back.. Please, Fair and flawless skin.. Please come back to me T.T It has been with me almost 6 months.. Every night, after I have taking my bath, I feel sad when I am looking at myself from the mirror... When will all these little islands disappear from my face? However, I always tell myself that I am the prettiest and smile to myself in the mirror every morning.. According to a research I read from the newspaper, smiling at yourself every morning will make a person prettier and younger... Actually I have used to the presence of these little islands on my face.. Hence, I do not care how people say about my face.. Because I am who I am.. I have to carry on with my life... I cannot stay away from others or hide myself at the corner because of my face... I am not the worst...Therefore, I believe sooner or later my pimples will say bye bye to me... But they need time to say this word.. Ok... I will give them some time until the end of this year <3

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spending day again !!!!

Today I spent money again... Seriously, my spendthrift behaviour is really cannot be acceptable... I am not working but I spent more than I received.. This is bad... I have to start to discipline my finance... Start from next Monday, I have to depend on my father and Mr.Egg for my pocket money.. Thanks for my father who is willing to pay for my camping fee as well as Mr.Egg who is willing to give me money for the camping... Thanks for these two sources of my money.. I love them <3

Wednesday (3/4/2013) + Thursday (4/4/2013)

Well, I am officially finished reading the novel “Life of Pi” after two months. After finished reading it, I was in a moment of exuberance and the first person who came into my mind after I finished reading this book was my best friend. I was eager to share this news with her. She always teasing me with the time I spent to read this book which compared to her in two months(If I am not mistaken) she has finished reading almost 5 to 6 books. I still remembered the purpose of me of buying this book was because of the movie as well as the trend of that time. Seriously, I learned a lot from this book. No offense but I learned 6 lessons: 
1. Nobody can prove God’s existence yet God = love which is not concrete yet it is a feeling and trust. 
2. Gods or religions are the last resource people will seek for if they were not able to solve their problem. 
3. Environment has the ability to change a person’s behavior or habit. 
4. Fear is the most powerful foe in human’s life while courage is the only one that can defeat fear and bring  
    individual to success. 
5. Not everything in this world can be proved or witnessed by your own pair of eyes is true. Sometimes 
    believe is the thing that determines the matter to be true or false. 
6. Feelings or imaginations in humans are powerful as it is able to change human’s mentality or perceptions  
    toward a topic. 

Next, I would like to COMPLAIN about my fifth anniversary which fell on 4th of April. Well anniversary supposed to be ROMANTIC + HAPPY... Did he know that how excited and anticipated I am towards this special day? I did not hope for him to buy for me something really expensive but I want his sincerity.. But for me the anniversary ended with well maybe only HAPPY... I cant deny that he is a good boyfriend and a good man as well but he is definitely 100% not romantic at all... Well, I can only comfort myself with the saying that "NOBODY IS PERFECT" although I am really angry with this... No cards, no flowers, no presents... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MR.TAN??? And we used up almost an hour to decide on the restaurant and the type of dinner we wanted to go... At last, we went to a western restaurant which serves Germany food.. Forgive me, I forgot the name of the restaurant.. Anyway, we did have a "nice" night.. I seriously hope that he will know what to do for next year anniversary celebration...