Sunday, 15 September 2013

Friday 13/9/2013

After two and the half months, I have finally finished reading this book from Mitch Albom entitled "For one more day". Seriously the more I read, the more mature my thinking and attitude become. I start to love reading <3
In this book, I found out some interesting and meaningful sentences. We realize time passes fast but we always hang this statement  "We still have a lot of time" beside our mouths. Irony? Contradict? Actually time passes fast is a true fact but we still have a lot of time is actually an excuse for us to delay the matter we lazy to face or to settle.

Another thing is "Going back to something is harder than we think." -Posey Benetto

Hence, always live your life with no regrets and full of appreciation.
After I read this book, I thought back the way I treated my parents badly sometimes. The way I am being impatient with them, getting annoyed when they asked me to do this and that and screamed to them. The time we have with them is limited. They can be patient with us and be happy to do things we demand them to do. But why can't us? They are growing older. I should love them more and company them whenever I can. Without them, I may not exist in this world. Without them, I may not able to be who I am now.

THANKS mi and ba. SORRY for the bads and mistakes I did to you two. I LOVE YOU

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Feeling lethargic ==

One more day to go, then is the time to go back to reality... I think this kind of reluctant and depress feelings happen to me since pre-school until now... I was too enjoying my life at home... The life when you can wake up without the alarm's noise, watch tv till you felt bored, online 24 hours without worrying about assignments, eat with multiple of choices, stay at home and doing nothing... WOW... This kind of life deserves infinite of likes from me... I love the way I am living my life now...

I don't want to go back to Uni and study T.T

I think I need a day to recover my readiness to study....HAIZ...REALITY

Monday, 2 September 2013

Pimples T.T

Well, on 29th August I had insomnia because of the pimples on my face... I had them on my face since last year around October until now... At first I tried to comfort myself that these pimples will get better hut until now there are still on my face... What happened to my smooth face? I started to get sick of this face and worried that the pimples will be on my face until I get married and old.. I AM NO LONGER PRETTY !!!!!!!

I must do something about this... Even myself started to become annoyed by this face, then how about others? I MUST DO SOMETHING( feeling determined)

So I went online that night to search for the information about ACNE... Feeling relieved that the pimples on my face are not in the worst and critical stage ^^¥ I even whatsapp my friend and bestie regarding my pimples... Since I am not in the exacerbated stage, I can go to the drugstore and ask for help... So I went to this pharmacy and bought these helpers :

According to the Pharmacist, she said that I will be able to see the result after one month.... So to ensure what she said is reliable and valid, I took two photos of the pimples on my left and right cheeks.... Here are the pimples... 

WARNING: Please don't see the pictures if you have heart attack or want to prevent eyes sore...

These pimples are on the left cheek....

These pimples are on the right cheek....

Which side is more serious? Well, different people has different feeling... To me, both sides are serious.... Hopefully I can be pretty soon <3